Articles about Waldershare Park

Human settlements are believed to have been in the area of Waldershare for an extremely long time following the discovery of Paleolithic flints on Malmains Ridge. These are believed to be up to 400,000 years old
Documented history for Waldershare starts with Odo (c.1030 - 1097), Earl of Kent and Bishop of Bayeux, who was the half-brother of William the Conqueror
According to Charles Igglesden’s 1927 ‘A saunter through Kent with pen and pencil’, prior to John Monins’ first mansion on the site of the current one, there had been a manor house and associated church at Popes Hall in 1274, which had featured in Henry Malmaine’s will.
Disaster struck Waldershare mansion during the installation of electric lighting during the evening of Monday, 29th September 1913, when a fire started in the roof space and rapidly spread throughout the entire building, reducing it to a smouldering ruin.
The Belvedere can be seen across the fields from the ancient footpath which leads from Coldred through Waldershare which is now part of The North Downs Way.
There was a church on this site in Anglo-Saxon times, but there may have been an even earlier building here as Roman pottery, mosaic tiles and other items were found when the church was extended in the 1800s.