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Edward Augustus Giraud, Surgeon of Eythorne (Part 2)

The only record of Edward Augustus Giruad carrying out his duties is a news item in the Kentish Gazette of 4th August 1807 (on the back page, as posted previously by Kathleen Hollingsbee). It states “On Tuesday last a most melancholy accident took place, as Mr Branford of Eastry was driving his cart to Eythorne, wherein was his wife, Mrs Bushel and Miss Hogben, the horse suddenly took fright and the driver losing his reins the terrified animal ran with such rapidity downhill, as to throw the females out of the cart, and whereby they were much hurt; assistance being immediately procured, Mrs Bushell was conveyed by the desire of Mr Giraud the Surgeon to his house at Eythorne where the greatest attention was paid her, though ineffectual, as she languished in excruciating pain till Thursday morning, when she expired. The deceased has left a mother, husband and three children to lament her loss. “
Edward Augustus Giraud died 1st August 1827 aged 56. An abstract of his will (written only 3-4 months before his relatively early death, suggesting he knew he hadn’t long to live) states that “I give and bequeath unto my wife Jane Giraud, to my brother John Thomas Giraud of Faversham Surgeon, to my brother Richard Herve/ Giraud of London, Gent and to my brother in law William Sankey of Wingham Surgeon jointly and severally all my personal and other property whatsoever that I may be possessed of or that may be due to me at the time of my decease in trust for the benefit of my said wife and the children. As can be seen, his brother John Thomas Giraud was also a Surgeon (practicing from 1825-1866) having studied in France and also became a Mayor of Faversham. There is some small text written into the margin of the will abstract, dated 1838, that is hard to read but suggests the will administrators release part of the estate to Edward Augustus Giraud’s children at this point. By this time Jane Giraud had died (6th November 1832, aged 54) and all the children were now 18 or over. Edward and Jane had four children, the youngest being on 7 at the time of Edward’s death in 1827.
There were two witnesses to the will, John Jeken Kennett, Eythorne, Surgeon and Henry Gilbert, Shepherdswell. Not much can be found about John Jeken Kennet and it’s not apparent whether he was to succeed Edward Giraud, was a partner in the same practice or had a practice of his own. It is known that John Jeken Kennett had loaned money (indenture of 27th May 1830 for £600 plus interest) to Thomas Finn for the corn windmill and premises at Lydd. It’s not clear why he did this, but it is possibly because of a family connection of some sort.
Unfortunately, John Jeken Kennet died suddenly in 1832 at the young age of 41. It was left to his son and heir Thomas Kennett to administer the estate and that included dealing with the inability of Thomas Finn to repay the mortgage. Thomas Kennett provided an initial solution by advancing him an additional £200. The mill was eventually sold to Thomas Goble whose family held it for the rest of its existence.
John Jeken Kennett is buried at Ss Peter and Paul, Eythorne.

Vince Croud

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