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Buildings on Coldred Road around 1840

Buildings on Coldred Road around 1840.
The plan is taken from a map dated 1840 but it is assumed the data was collected prior to that year but it is not known exactly when. The occupancy is from the 1845 Tithe Award Schedule, from data collected from the 1830s to 1840s, although there are errors. For example, it lists the Dover banker and business man, Peter Lane Fector as a significant landowner. However he died in 1814 and the land should be strictly attributed to the trustees of his estate
Buildings outlined in green still exist (and are all listed except B and C). A is North End House, West End House, Westfields, D is Eythorne House, E is Gardeners Cottage. I J K are Clare Cottage, The Nook, The Old Post Office and L is Langdown House.
Those buildings in red have been demolished.
The trustees of the estate of Peter Lane Fector (1723-1814) owns all the land in the plan except plot 186 (“Roundabout”) and 185 Langdown House.
Plot 116, is owned by the trustees of the estate of Peter Fector but is occupied by “William Carlton and another”. It is described as “two cottages and woods” and is believed to be where the old thatched cottages, demolished in 1907 were.
Plot 188 is owned by William Makey and described as 3 houses with gardens, These are also missing now.
Plot 186 (where the current roundabout is) is owned by the trustees of the Baptist Chapel and occupied by Elizabeth Bayley and described as “Old Chapel House and Garden”. The plot is 22 perches (1 perch is 25 square metres). If this is the land leased to the Baptists by Brother Birch for a chapel, then it was said that such an area hardly gave room for many graves, and for years after this time, many interments took place at the parish church”. It was also said that “a new building was opened on a spacious new site, to which had been transferred the few tombstones”. (Ref forward to “Eythorne the Story of a Village Baptist Church” written by A.C. Miller). This suggests there were some graves on the site of the original chapel and these were moved to the new chapel opened in 1804. There is at least one grave monument at the present Baptist Chapel that pre-dates purchase of the land and the building of that chapel i.e. that of Sarah Godfrey Harvey (1656-1724) and there would appear to be others It is conceivable that the broken monuments at the bottom of Priory House garden, mentioned by Karen Isaac, may have arisen from this movement of tombstones from the old chapel to the new.
Plot 185, described as “House and Garden” and is owned by Elizabeth Friend but occupied by “John Makey and others”. Adjacent to the house on plot 185 is another plot (184) with building but there are no other buildings along the rest of what is now Sandwich Road. There are no buildings on Chapel Hill until you get to the Baptist Chapel of 1804.
Plots 187, 189 and 190 are owned by Mary Anne West.
Blue W is the site of wells taken from an older OS map and are present on land marked 111, 116 and 186.
Thanks are due to Dawn Sedgwick for the map.
Vince Croud

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