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Elvington and Eythorne Heritage Group – a brief history

Following a highly successful reunion event held in the Elvington Community Centre in 2011 the idea of forming a heritage group was floated, and in 2012 the group was formed, and a constitution adopted. The original constitution sets out the aims as:

  • To invigorate, promote and prolong the Community Heritage of Eythorne and Elvington. 
  • To be responsible for the preservation of donated memorabilia and artefacts connected to the villages and Tilmanstone Colliery – to provide displays and talks for future generations.  (Long term goal to provide a permanent visual/audio display within the village)
  • To raise awareness of the history, heritage and contribution of the Eythorne and Elvington and improve the well-being of these communities. 
  • To socialise and encourage participation. 

In 2015 the group was incorporated as a Community Interest Company in support of the Kent Mining Heritage Foundation National Lottery Fund Application. The core aims remain the same, but our Articles now say:

  • The objects of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to promote and prolong the community heritage of Eythorne and Elvington, Waldershare and Tilmanstone Colliery.


Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, the community as a whole, our partners and in particular our funders the group has gone from strength to strength and will continue to do so.

Our sponsors - thank you!

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