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Form Entry by Marika Sherwood

    I wish you a Good Afternoon!

    I am researching the South Africa born Makaula-White family – lived in Kent from 1904. I’ve found that Charles and his family lived in Eythorne perhaps from the late 1920. He died in 1976, but I dont know if that was in Eythorne. I had found quite a bit about him when I first researched the family – that was published in 2012 as ‘The Life and Times of Albert Makaula-White An African Farmer in Kent 1904-1937’. Since then I’ve found a little more, for example many references to Charles playing cricket for Eythorne. There’s a pic of him in Colin Varrall’s book. Do you have any other information about him? His other contributions to the village? I wouid love the village to publicly acknowledge all that this Black resident contributed – probably your first Black resident. Are there any now?
    with my thanks,
    Marika Sherwood

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