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Form Entry by Marika Sherwood

    I have asked you at least twice if you have any information on Charles Makala-White, of South African origins. My research indicates that he lived in Eythorne and/or nearby areas from the 1920s. Worked as a shepherd and then in the Tilmanstone Mine. Participated in many local events, eg fund-raising, and played football and cricket. So far, very sadly, I’ve not received a response from you.
    I have now stumbled across a report in the Dover Express, 10/10/1936, which reports that he had been involved in a ‘trouble which took place in an Eythorne c. Temple Ewell game last year…. Thompson was severely censured but no action was taken in regard to Makaula[White.’ Do you have any information about this?
    Please help me! We have to recognise this Black family and all it contributed !
    Marika Sherwood

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