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Form Entry by Tony Mangili 18th Dover (Shepherdswell) Scout Leader

    I would be grateful to know if you would be able to open one evening for a local Scout group to visit?
    We have 25 Scouts aged from 10 to 14, we last visited about 4 years ago and had a fab time. all of those scouts have moved on and a fresh bunch are with us.
    A Tuesday evening around 19:00 to 20:00 hrs would be ideal then we could hike back to the hut at Shepherdswell afterwards. Maybe July 2nd? I might have a Tuesday free in June to just not sure which at present..Last time I took a couple on lite miners lamps for the walk back along the miner’s way -thought that was very fitting.
    Anyway thank you in hope,
    Grand son of Willy Goodwill, Miner from Elvington in the 40’s to 60’s i think (possibly worked at Snowdown)
    p.s. would there be a way to get his tag number do you know?

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